Pre-School for Adults

Something wonderful happened to me.

A few weeks ago, I decided to try a new yoga class – Flow & Meditation – and it was the best medicine.

I arrived at my regular yoga studio a few minutes early and the instructor asked me if I had ever taken this particular class before. I said no, and he told me the class consists of:

  • 45 minutes of vigorous vinyasa yoga exercises
  • 20 minutes of  guided meditation
  • 10 minute reflective writing activity

My first thought was wait, really?! There’s a writing prompt?  Continue reading

Hole in the Wall

I used to practice yoga weekly. When I was a college student, it was pretty effortless to wander over to the on-campus gym for a free class. Our studio had huge glass windows overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains, and my favorite classes were early in the morning because I had the pleasure of watching the sunrise while I did sun salutations. I left every class feeling centered and energized and genuinely appreciative of the world around me.

I went to a couple yoga studios in Virginia and D.C., but I could never justify the commute or the price of the classes.

After moving to Tallahassee I was set on joining a “hole in the wall” yoga studio, but after visiting a few [and nearly passing out after my first “Hot” yoga], I decided to just practice at home on my own for free. This decision was made mostly out of laziness and, of course, in reality, practicing on my own meant doing a few poses for about 5 minutes while two cats walked around me. Continue reading