When a Stranger Buys You Beer [in a grocery store…]

Y’all know this blog has a lot of really random themes including odd grocery store experiences and encounters with strangers. I mean, my original blog post set the tone that this little corner of the internet was going to be dedicated to strangers who buy me things. Well, this one has all three!

20150603_170801Last night while Bret and I were picking up a few groceries at Harris Teeter, we had an experience that made me think I am definitely going to be writing about this.

We had just finished our nightly walk around the Greenway (pictured left), and decided that we wanted to make cheesy grits and salad to go with dinner, so we thought we’d pick up a bag of corn grits, cheese, and salad ingredients.

I LOVE shopping at Harris Teeter because of all of the samples. I was bopping around to each sample station eagerly sampling rye bread with oil, cantaloupe, and then some cheese while Bret checked to see if the seafood counter offered a particular kind of fish he liked to order in Tallahassee. (They don’t).

We met in the beer and wine section. We were looking at some local North Carolina six-packs that we bought a few weeks ago, but ultimately decided to buy some Blue Moon. It is one of our favorite beers so we agreed quickly. When we turned to to walk away, a voice called out,

“Excuse me, are you done shopping?”

This caught us both by surprise and we weren’t sure how to respond. The man who was wearing a shirt with the Hefe logo was holding up a 6-pack of Hefeweizen beer. In response to whether or not we were done shopping, I just said, “No – we’re not done.”

“I just wanted to ask if you’d tried this beer before. Have you tried this?”

We looked at each other to confirm before answering, “…No, (have you?), No.”

He went on to explain that we were buying the number 1 wheat beer in the country, and that Hefeweizen is number 3 and asked if we’d be willing to give it a try.

I should say right here that Bret does not like sales people – especially those who interrupt him to try to sell something. It may be why he doesn’t frequent the sample carts as often as I do. We were about to leave when he said,

“Okay – I’ll buy it for you.”

I felt like there was probably a catch so we still declined, but he insisted.

“It’s okay. I work for the brewery!” He pointed to his shirt to prove it.

Beer 2He told us that he would go purchase it at the register and leave it up there for us. Instead, he ended up finding us a few minutes later and bringing us the 6-pack in a bag with a receipt! I couldn’t believe it.

I said thank you and he said, of course, and he hoped that we’d like it. When we made it to the checkout lane with our other groceries I was going to explain the whole scenario, but when I held the bag, the cashier said,

“Oh yeah – he told me about that.”

I asked if he knew that guy (thinking maybe this was a normal Hefe/Harris Teeter experience) and he said no, but that really is the best beer they carry.

While we were walking out of the grocery store, I told Bret I’d had random men buy me a beer in a bar before, but never in a grocery store, haha. Also, yes, I am wearing my LCB high school gym shorts.

So while we were making dinner, we decided to do a little taste test. We poured one glass of Blue Moon and glass of Hefeweizen. Do you want to guess which one was smoother, a little sweeter and probably my new favorite beer?

Beer 1Yep. Hefe.

If you like wheat beers like Shock Top or Blue Moon, you will probably like Hefeweizen. Bret even tried it with an orange in it! I will say that we usually put Florida oranges in the Blue Moon and all they had was a regular old naval orange which isn’t the same, but, Bret tried a regular orange in both and still preferred Hefe.

So there you have it – a strong sales skill that worked. I will probably be buying Hefe again, but for now, we’ll enjoy the free 6-pack!

You will never see me again, and you don’t owe me anything.

I gave up coffee for lent, and even though I slipped a couple times on those early mornings touring New York City and apartment-hunting in Boston, I (basically) lived for six weeks without it.
So, I start Easter morning with a medium cup of black coffee. Something you should know: I always drink straight, black coffee. Unless, of course, its 90 degrees outside and I’m craving an iced coffee. Anyway, I spend Easter Sunday driving all over Virginia with my boyfriend to visit my family and his family, and then we arrive back in Harrisonburg around 8pm on Sunday night. I feel exhausted and moderately overwhelmed with the amount of work I have left to do before Monday, so when we pull up to the gas pump, I run inside to buy a coffee to get me through the night, not expecting any life-changing events to occur.

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