Pastries, Manatees, and Cypress Trees!

A few weekends ago, I was the happiest person on the planet because…

photo 1

…my sister visited me in Tallahassee!

I really can’t put into words how wonderful my sister (and brother-in-law!!!!) are. I talk to my sister almost every day on the phone and sometimes we Skype and of course we text multiple times a day, but having her HERE in person was just the best thing. The first night she was here, we stayed up talking until almost 3AM. I wasn’t even tired! (Until my head hit the pillow – then I was out!).

I tried to cram so.many. Tallahassee things into their visit. For starters, we went to the French Pastry Shop where we enjoyed macaroons and RUM soaked cake that was actually literally dripping with rum. My brother-in-law squeezed most of it out like a sponge and we left it in the little plastic container, ha!

IMAG4172 IMAG4171 IMAG4170 IMAG4169

We went to the Tallahassee museum and saw lots of little and large animals like otters, Florida panthers, red wolves, gray foxes, pigs and sheep:

IMAG4154 museum IMAG4157

We went downtown for dinner. We had the BEST artichoke dip and martinis at 101 for their half price Happy Hour.


Can you even see us? I know that picture is way too dark. It’s my phone camera. I tried to auto fix it and this is what I got:


…Is that better? You can decide. I’m writing this post at 5:30AM and my photo editor is still sleeping.

While we were enjoying the appetizer at 101, we were talking about how cool it is to live by the ocean and have local seafood, and my brother-in-law mentioned how delicious mussels are. I’m not sure I’d ever had them, and I really wanted to try them. When we walked next door for dinner at Harry’s, sure enough, they were one of the lead appetizers on the menu. So we shared some!


…and they were delicious!

I realize, now, that I tried to cram way too much into their Tallahassee time. I designed an elaborate brochure and then personalized schedule and sent it to them prior to their visit. There were so many places we wanted to visit and explore and eat… but we didn’t build in any break time.

Halfway through our second day, after waking up early to play frisbee golf in the mud, going to Wakulla for a manatee boat tour, visiting the pastry shop, and then finally grabbing some lunch at Birds, we came back home for a quick pit stop. Bret and Drew both fell asleep. I still had a 2 mile walk, pool visit, dinner and ice cream plans on the schedule, but it was unseasonably cold and dreary. I’m pretty sure Mallory could have used a rest, too, being that we were operating on only a few hours of sleep, but being the crazy person that I am, I convinced her to outside to get the mail with me and then sit by the hot tub.

I just wanted to make the most of our time together, and I wanted them to see every inch of Tallahassee that I could cram into 48 hours, but sometimes the best time spent is relaxing in the comfort of your home. We ended up having a super relaxing dinner outside on our screened porch which was perfect. Relaxing was good because we had to save our energy for the next day… a 4 hour road trip to UNIVERSAL in ORLANDO!

Any case anyone thought I was kidding about the schedule…

I’ll save the Universal weekend trip for another blog post just so I can spread out how much I loved having some of my favorite people here. 🙂