What’s your new year’s resolution?

A couple of nights ago the big ball descended in NYC and baby new year took her first steps while the whole world celebrated their time zone’s turn to shout, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Even though 11:59PM to 12:00AM on January 1st is just as arbitrary a time to begin a new phase in your life as 7:53AM to 7:54AM on March 5th, the changing of a new year symbolizes a new chance, a fresh start, and a renewed sense of possibility. We humans love this. Meanwhile, the elephants and manatees and tigers of the world (my three favorites) don’t give it any thought. While we tend to mark our time by dates and birthdays and how many minutes are left before the morning alarm goes off, the happier mammals measure their time a little differently.

I usually love New Years Eve. The new year’s resolutions in conjunction with all the weight loss, home organization, and online dating commercials tend to push people to try something new and good for themselves. Really, I love anything that gets us out from behind our computer screens and into a crowd of people whose hearts beat at the same pace for the same reason. I love weddings. I love concerts. I love [peaceful] rallies. I think we love our new year’s celebrations because we share that same sense of hope for the new year and nostalgia over the past year with good company. I do enjoy reflecting over a past year on both a global and personal level…

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