Journaling and Therapy

I can’t say enough good things about journaling. I’ve been writing in journals since I was five, and it’s always therapeutic to carve out time just to sit and write out my current fears and joys. After emptying my mind onto a page, I don’t have to keep running through the same thoughts and concerns. Plus, I love going back and reading my old entries. It helps me keep tabs on my goals and mood and overall health: mental, physical, and emotional. Online journals and blogs can be great, too, but I love the pen and paper process.

This year, I started keeping a bullet journal which has basically turned into a series of lists and charts that manage my day to day life. I regularly track:

  • My “self care” routines (things like how often I sleep, shower, write, and go outside)
  • Distance I run/walk every day
  • Which yoga videos I practice
  • The foods I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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