Would you like to feed a squirrel?

First, this title makes me think of the movie, Rat Race, and the YOU — SHOULD — HAVE — BOUGHT — A — SQUIRREL scene. That movie cracks me up.

Moving on.

I don’t know how many people my age are lucky enough to have senior citizens for neighbors, but it is truly a gift. My next door neighbors are the kindest people I interact with in a typical day. He is pushing 75, let’s call him Jack, and spends most of his time reading the paper, animal watching, and people watching. In addition to caring for their own lawn, Jack volunteers to cut everyone’s grass on our block every week and knocks on my door when I accidentally leave my car lights on. She is also in her 70’s, let’s call her Diane, and works “part-time” at Walmart every single day.┬áDiane also maintains a BEAUTIFUL garden and keeps offering to help me start one. I really should take her up on it. Both of them offer pleasant conversation and a break from my busy schedule whenever I need it. Continue reading “Would you like to feed a squirrel?”