Cake Decorating 1.3

Cupcakes, baby!

Who doesn’t love baking orange-flavored cupcakes, filling them with nutella and then decorating them with homemade icing?!

One of my favorite flavors is chocolate orange. I love those chocolate oranges you can buy, slam on the counter, and then all the little pieces! Mmm. This flavor inspired my Cake Decorating class 3 project.

This is the class I was looking forward to the most because I knew we were going to learn how to make icing flowers. Continue reading

Cake Decorating 1.2

Class two was a success!

Before I dive into all the fabulous details, I want to do two things:

  1. Share one reason why I decided to take this class in the first place
  2. Apologize for the quality of the photos

Why I decided to take this cake decorating class
If you missed my first class, you can read about my 1.1 lesson here where I talk about a few reasons I wanted to take a cake decorating class. In addition to, well, enjoying baking, I registered for this class because I’ve been thinking about how productive I was when I was a student. Continue reading

Cake Decorating 1.1

I love baking.

I love the whole sensory process:

  • lining up matchy matchy mixing bowls on the counter
  • mixing dry ingredients with oil or eggs or applesauce to make dough or batter
  • the squish of topping cookie dough morsels with M&Ms and sprinkling cinnamon sugar
  • the hum of the hand mixer turning clay into batter
  • the ability to determine when a cake is perfectly baked based on the aroma in the kitchen
  • peeling warm cookies from a pan and plopping them on a cooling rack Continue reading