Ice Cream Cake

Three years ago, I was wandering through some Harrisonburg, Virginia apartment halls with my grad school friends. We were knocking on doors and asking if we could please borrow a lighter so that we could light the candles on a birthday cake we’d made for my friend and classmate, Bret. Even though Bret INSISTED that we did not need to light candles or sing him Happy Birthday, I’m so glad we did, because that friend and classmate is now my husband.

This weekend, we celebrated Bret’s 29th birthday! It was also the weekend before classes start so we spent Friday night at a “Welcome Back” party catching up by a camp fire eating brownies and drinking sangria. On Saturday, we stuffed our plates at a potlock (there were so many veggie options!) and mingled with faculty and new students. The best part of this birthday weekend, though, in my opinion, was surprising Bret with an Ice Cream Cake. I want to share the process I used because it turned out…uh-mazing! Continue reading “Ice Cream Cake”