Finish This… Week #1

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Finish This… Week #1

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1. I first felt like a grown-up… When I got my first full-time job in Washington, D.C. I lived alone, took the metro to work every day, and started making real contributions to my savings account. Every day, I got to work on a publication for pre-med students at a HUGE non-profit. I worked with brilliant, motivated, kind people and ate Georgetown Cupcakes weekly. I felt so blessed to have found a career in my field that combined so many of my interests: healthcare, publication, and student affairs. Here I am about to leave my very own apartment and take the metro to work on my first day:


2. I am one-of-a-kind because…  I am the proud guardian of the sweetest cat in the whole world. Her name is Velveeta like the cheese! Here she is celebrating her 3rd birthday last July:


3. Spanx is… something I purchased to fit into my wedding dress. It worked, I guess, but it was pretty uncomfortable and not something I want to wear again!


4. My favorite family tradition… is Christmas Eve at my grandparents house! I love love love getting the whole family together and celebrating. This year, my cousins did a White Elephant gift exchange and we laughed the whole time. I wrapped a portrait of Velveeta dressed as Santa Claus… I’ll post a picture, check back soon :)

5. The last thing I do before bed is… set my FitBit to record my sleep cycle! I am rounding out my first week with this thing and I love how it motivates me to walk 10,000 steps a day and let’s me know if I don’t get a good night’s sleep.

6. Happiness is… finding someone who believes in you and supports your dreams and loves you more than words, cuddles with Velveeta, sneaking off to Disney World or Apalachicola or Panama City for a day with Bret, having your whole family in one room at one time, getting the Road Dawg to come to your wedding even though the whole town was closed for snow, waking up at 5:30AM to drink apple cider and work on my novel. Also, happiness is reading through this book which is filled with highlighted things to be happy about from some of my best friends in 2007.

HUMP DAY Wedding_1 christmas


  1. Awww this is so sweet, thanks for joining the link-up fun and I hope you’ll join us again next week for Round Two!!!! I love your cat’s name, Velveeta is perfect. I visited DC for the first time last year and had the absolute BEST time visiting the monuments, Mount Vernon, eating AMAZING food, and riding the Metro trains. Y’all in the Northeast really have mass transit figured out. =)

    • Thanks for creating the link-up! DC is the best place to visit. I miss it, but I live in Florida now and I love it! (Although I definitely miss the public transit!)

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