Deck the Halls 2013

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Deck the Halls 2013

As a kid, I remember standing across from my little sister and stretching our arms wide apart to hold a blanket open like a safety net. We followed my mom around the house with a mission. As she stood on a chair and unhinged a paper angel from above each door way, we’d catch them in the blanket along with little pins and loose pine needles. When we finished, all of the walls seemed empty and bare.

I remember packing up paper mache Santas in boxes, wrapping lights around cardboard boxes, unplugging plastic candle sticks, and, worst of all, shoving a naked needling Christmas tree out the front door and then sweeping up the loose needles it left behind.

I LOVE decorating. I love painted walls, hanging art, warm lighting, and clusters of decorative throw pillows. It’s all of those little touches that weave together and make a new space feel safe and warm. Even more than home decorating, I love HOLIDAY decorations (wiggly ghosts, pumpkins, Fall leaves, and Christmas wreaths).

What I don’t love, though, is taking decorations down and packing them away.

This may explain why our apartment was adorned with Christmas decorations up for over TWO months this year. They went up right after Thanksgiving, and they didn’t come down until February 1.

And now that they’re gone, I miss them.

One day, I bet Bret and I will have a plethora of greenery, a giant Christmas tree, a train set, and a whole Disney Christmas village. Right now, all of our Christmas decorations could fit in one storage bin… but that doesn’t make them one bit less festive!

So here’s the real reason you clicked on this post… a peak into our cozy decorated apartment from Christmas 2013!


My awesome mother-in-law made this!


Thank my wonderful Aunt, Uncle & cousins for this awesome platter!


Buddha Beer looks extra festive with Candy Canes and silver ribbon!

Oh, family, thank you for supporting my Charming Tails collection :)

My Dad found this duke-dog-lovin’ snowman and he bought a Hokie Snowman for my sister! He’s the best.


I made this… with the help of FYI-DAY!


Charming Tails close-up No. 1


Charming Tails close-up No. 2


Oh CHRISTMAS TREE, [discounted Target] CHRISTMAS TREE how lovely are your branches. And I love your Jingle Bell Run hat, too.

   Ornaments are my FAVORITE. Here are some extra special ones:Blog-18 Blog-19 Blog-20 Blog-22Blog-24 Blog-25 Blog-26 Blog-27


The stockings were hung by the chimney television with care, and the Holiday Cards were taped to the wall :)

Blog-28 Blog-29 Blog-31 Blog-40


  1. I love that you have your own Christmas card displayed. Your tree is adorable!

  2. Hahaha yes! I loved it so much I thought it should join the group on the wall. Good eye for noticing that :)

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