Rainy Day Goals

When I was 26, I read an article with a list of things every woman should accomplish in her twenties: ask for a raise, turn someone down, live alone, move to a new city, etc. Each item corresponded to major life-changing event in my young adult life.

I believe in dreaming big and setting goals, so I decided to create my own list of “Rainy Day” goals with specific items to work toward the next time I’m feeling bored or uninspired. It’s a fluid list, but here’s where I am so far. As I complete each one, I’ll link to a blog post about it.

  1. Explore Europe with my husband [June ’16]
  2. Become fluent in Spanish
  3. Learn Sign Language
  4. Write a novel [August ’15]
  5. Submit a manuscript for publication
  6. Take cake decorating class  [November ’13]
  7. Learn how to sew
  8. Make a t-shirt quilt
  9. Run in the Tallahassee Jingle Bell Run [12/2013]
  10. Join Yoga Studio [BONUS: Become a certified yoga instructor] [9/28/13]
  11. Have a second honeymoon in Key West or Mexico or somewhere tropical [May 2014]
  12. Go Zip Lining
  13. See a Broadway show in NYC with Bret (we’ve done this before, but not together!)
  14. Get a picture of Sadie and Velveeta dressed up for our Christmas card [12/20/13]
  15. Be able to do 50 legit push-ups without stopping
  16. Learn how to make & roll sushi
  17. Learn how to ski
  18. Test drive a fancy car [BONUS: Purchase car] [Sept 2014]
  19. Babysit a friend’s child for the night.
  20. Attend Mardi Gras (or maybe just visit New Orleans anytime!) [09/03/13]
  21. Spend several days with only what will fit in a backpack [June ’16]
  22. Take one ultimate ROAD TRIP
  23. Have a fun camping experience (I’ve camped several times; it’s never been great)
  24. Spend a Sunday afternoon visiting Open Houses [BONUS: Buy a House]
  25. Fly First Class
  26. Spend an entire day in bed watching movies and being lazy [darn near impossible 08/20/13]
  27. Run a half marathon   [February 2016]
  28. Disregard list. Re-write list. Be happy and content with the way life is.

Do you have a long-term “To Do” list? Any suggestions for what I should add?

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