Winter in Boone: a new kind of miserable.

Winter is the worst.
Boone is the worst.
Winter in Boone is downright miserable.

Driving around narrow roads with hairpin turns and cliffs is terrifying enough when they AREN’T coated in ice. Working from home is isolating enough WITHOUT giving up on every evening walk because it is always 4 degrees outside. And living on the side of a mountain is suffocating enough BEFORE seeing layers upon layers and layers of barren branches between you and the sky.

Boone you so pretty

This is literally the first thing I see every morning. Good morning, Boone. You so pretty.

Maybe I’m being dramatic. Maybe life in this weird little town would be more manageable if I picked up skiing or maybe I wouldn’t mind the cold so much if I didn’t move here straight from the SUNSHINE STATE where I routinely spent “winter” weekends beachside with a light jacket, but here’s the thing: I did just move here from Florida.

Winter in FL

Ah, yes. There I am gloating away in January standing in the ocean with my rolled up jeans and light scarf.

I’m spoiled. I recognize that. But I don’t like this kind of winter and I’m not handling it well.

I try to surround myself with positive people, but finding other friends who are new to Boone and just as uncomfortable with these living conditions has been so HEALING. It is so gratifying to know that you aren’t crazy for struggling. I’m finding community through others who agree that winter in Boone is really The. Worst. Thing. Ever. and it’s helping me. And, don’t worry, we don’t only focus on the awful weather. We also talk about how it feels so isolating to live hours from the nearest real city or airport. And we text about how badly we miss Target. WE ALL MISS TARGET.

I convinced a couple friends to go get a pedicure with me never mind the fact that it was 12 degrees outside. We laughed about how you’re supposed to put on winter socks and boots over a fresh pedicure and tried to come up with an invention to fix that. Naturally, I showed up in my Mickey Mouse flip flops to crunch in the snow.

And I used to like snow. Now? Nope. We’ve had several inches of snow on the ground consistently for the past three weeks. It seems like it snows a little every other day and not ONCE has the sky produced the type of snow you need to build a snowman. So we just shovel it off the driveway until our fingers are numb and call it a day.

Jan Snow 4

Bret walked into our very cold (because our heat is so expensive) house last night and declared, “THIS IS THE WARMEST I’VE BEEN ALL DAY” And our house is COLD. I mean, really cold. And he brought me a piece of chocolate that was so cold I thought it must have been from the freezer. Nope. Just got that cold on the trip from the grocery store to our house.

I know people are dealing with much more difficult struggles right now. I’m so grateful for my job (that routinely pulls me out of this winter-y place), my health, my cats, my Bret. I know this is a season and seasons pass. But right now, I’m mostly grateful for my Boone friends – the people who are here with me struggling alongside me – thank goodness for them.

In Florida, I had the sunshine and luxury of walking to pretty much any of my favorite stores, but I didn’t have the friendships. Community matters so much in times like these. People make all the difference.

Here’s hoping for an early spring.

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