Settling in to Boone

It has been TWO AND A HALF MONTHS since my last blog post. Yikes. The move impacted my writing schedule and kind of made me wonder if I should have just wrapped things up with my “5 year blog-iversary” post. But not to worry, I’m back!

I have a lot to share about the past few weeks, but first, I thought I’d bring everyone up to speed with a quick post on what life has been like lately. First, in case you missed the memo, Bret finished his Ph.D. in Florida and got an awesome job offer in North Carolina. I have the option of teleworking full-time, so we left the Sunshine State and moved to Boone to become part of the Appalachian State Mountaineer community.


Since we got here, I feel like I’ve been “off the grid” for a few weeks which has been really nice. Here’s what June looked like:

Working from Home
Thanks to modern technology and my wonderfully understanding and flexible workplace, I’m able to keep my position in DC and work from my home office in North Carolina. I unpacked my office in record time and got to work within 48 hours of our move. Here’s what my home office looked like in Tallahassee…

…and here’s it is in Boone:   office  20150618_171932

I still need to hang my artwork, but this room has some major upgrades including a great paint color, more space, and another window.

Even though I really miss the friendly office interactions, the ability to work from home has been a huge blessing. It would be wonderful to be a wee bit closer to DC, but considering all of the other places we could have ended up, North Carolina is great because it’s within a day’s drive, so I can get there when I need to. Work is moving along as usual and I’ve already flown down to Miami to speak at a conference!

20150621_11024520150620_073241   20150619_154628


My Sister Visited!
There’s something about having family around that makes me feel so centered. Even though we were still living out of boxes and not really feeling any sort of normalcy, my amazing sister woke up before dawn and drove down to Boone to help us paint the downstairs. She brought a ton of painting supplies for us to borrow as well as this wonderful rug from my parents’ house that makes our living room SO MUCH MORE COZY. Just ask Velveeta.


She even brought me some early half birthday presents. I have the best sister ever.

20150601_122106 20150603_190255 20150614_082844

Exploring Boone
Bret and I have filled our free weekends by exploring Boone and the surrounding area. I’ve really enjoyed having Bret “back” now that he’s on the other side of the Ph.D. and dissertation. Pictured below you’ll find the gorgeous Greenway, a live Bluegrass band, and the Mast General Store.

20150603_170801  20150605_220752 20150606_104540


The views are pretty incredible, yeah?

Settling In
It takes time to settle into a new place and a new routine, but I think that process of settling is so important. I’m beginning to acclimate to this new town, but I’m still in the adjustment period. I don’t feel rushed to say that I love it here yet or that it feels like home yet, but I can say that there are specific things that I DO like about it. More on that in my next post!

Do you know who is all adjusted and settled in? Sadie Cat.

Boone_big windows

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