When Bret first applied for a job in Boone, he sold me on the fact that it was only about an hour away from Asheville, NC.

We’d been to Asheville once before with friends in grad school, and it was a blast. I remembered a champagne bookstore, a chocolate lounge with all of the chocolate you could ever want, and just a generally fun and pleasant atmosphere.


Asheville_2011_2 Asheville_2011_3 Asheville_2011_4

Here’s a picture from our first trip to Asheville in 2011:



It’s a fun, young, hippie town with an active downtown life and tons of local stores and restaurants. I don’t know what is so captivating about it exactly, but I love it, and since we moved to Boone (no less than TWO months ago), we’ve had three different friends contact us to let us know they were going to Asheville and that we should meet up. Asheville is like a magnet pulling our Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina friends in our direction. I love that.

Asheville_2011_5 Asheville_2011_6

Bret and I decided to take a little “staycation” a few weeks ago to get to know the area, and we spent a night in Asheville. I loved it just as much as I remembered, and the weather was a lot nicer than our first visit.

We went to the champagne bookstore and to a Tapas (appetizer) bar and sampled lots of good food and drinks. My favorite was the house cocktail with cucumber vodka and watermelon lemonade.

Asheville_2015_1 Asheville_2015_2

We saw this little cart that you pedal down the street while drinking beer. And we went back to the Chocolate lounge and got some yummy chocolate milkshakes! Mine had coffee in it.

Asheville_2015_3 Asheville_2015_4

We went to the aSHEville Museum. Loved it. Bought a present.

Asheville_2015_5 Asheville


And if you haven’t gathered this already, we ate a LOT of yummy food:Asheville_2015_6

Boone has it’s charms, but being near Asheville really makes me love it so much more. And there’s plenty I haven’t done yet, but I like having something to look forward to. I really want to go back and tour the Biltmore Estate when it’s decorated for Christmas!

Asheville 2

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