A Few Days in DC

I’ve spent the past few days waking up in Stafford, VA around 5AM and commuting a full two hours to my DC office by train and metro. That, in itself, would be exhausting for some, but I also spent my evenings exploring DC and getting back late. Really late. I rarely made it to bed before midnight and then I’d sleep for a few hours and do it all again. Needless today, “sleeping in” until 7 today felt amazing.

Yesterday, I was really feeling exhausted. I woke up early after another late night, drove a full SEVEN hours from Stafford, VA back to Boone, NC, and then after saying hi to Bret, climbed the stairs up to my home office to to login to a meeting and finish up work for the afternoon. It’s a lot. I definitely couldn’t do it every week. But I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about the past few days. I got to see my family. I got to stay with one of my very best friends. I got to SEE my co-workers in person which always makes me feel more connected to them.

I’m going to split this trip into a few blog posts, but here’s a preview:

1. I took a train to work every day


2. I got to go to a NATS (Washington DC Nationals) baseball game:

Baseball 1 Nats 1

3. I went “swimming” in an awesome indoor beach exhibit at the Building Museum

Bubbles 4

4. I fell in love with a dog named Gertie. I honestly have not stopped talking about her since I got home.

Gertie 1 Gertie 2

Boone isn’t exactly close to DC but it feels so much closer than Florida. Today, I just feel incredibly fortunate to live close enough that I can now DRIVE up to DC for a few days when I need to. Being allowed to telework is such a blessing, but sometimes it can feel pretty isolating. Just a few days in DC left me feeling so grateful and so energized. Now, I’m grateful to be back home.


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