5 Year Blog-iversary!

Exactly 5 years ago today, as a first-year grad student in the midst of some serious soul-searching, I started this blog. I was twenty-three and I was craving a new life in a new city.

My very first post was simple, but pretty mystical at the same time. A wonderful human being who had way more life perspective than me bought me a coffee in a gas station, and that gesture motivated me to be a kinder person… at least for a week or so.

Since then, I’ve written about a myriad of things.

Five years later, here we are. Still blogging. Even though my posts are inconsistent in length, topic, and pace, I made a commitment to keep this blog alive, and it is a happy place for me and a real source of comfort.

I’ve always looked to writing as my outlet. Usually, what I write is private. I’ll write about  my writing process (hello NanoWrimo posts), but I won’t often share what I’m working on. And I journal – that’s how I make sense of messy thoughts – but I don’t share that, either. When I journal, I can write anything. When I blog, I have an audience in mind. Hello, you.

I’ve continued to write occasional posts about strangers. I have this odd fascination with the concept of strangerhood and friendships. Mostly, though, I write little periodic updates on my day-to-day life. The coolest thing about the blog, I think, is how it spans time. I’m not the most active blogger. I went through a point last year where I wrote daily for lent. I’ve since hidden most of those posts – I’ve hidden a LOT of posts, actually, for various reasons – but the bones are still here.

I don’t have anything epic to say – I just wanted to chronicle this date – 5 years of blogging! For some perspective of what a big chunk of time that is, here’s a picture of me when I was five:


Mallory is the cute one. I’m the one with the cool glasses griping her hand because I was afraid of kindergarten. Actually… maybe this was first grade. So maybe I’m 6. This is what my blog will look like in another year.

Happy Blog-iversary to me!

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