Cruising 2014 | Day 2

Day 2 was our first full day at sea!

I love the way our itinerary was organized: arrival day, a day at sea, 4 days at ports, and another day at sea. That first day was all about relaxing and enjoying the ship’s amenities and unlimited food options. I wish I’d written down all of the hilarious things Bret said like, “I plan to enjoy every moment. That’s why I’m ordering room service pizza!” and, “You may not have counted, but I’ve already had mashed potatoes three times today!”

I was loving the comfort of knowing EVERYTHING was contained on this one floating hotel, and that our room was always only a short walk away from dinner, a show, and the pool deck. This was particularly true because this was the day I experienced mild motion sickness…


But I’m getting ahead of myself!

On Day 2, when we woke up, I peered out the window and was temporarily blinded by the rising sun reflecting off of the the sparkling water.

We had no agenda for the day, so we decided to go to the sit down breakfast in the main dining room – Leonardo’s – as opposed to the buffet. We hopped into line, and were seated at a big table with 15 other people. We met a couple from New Jersey and in the timespan of an hour, we talked about snow, Hurricane Sandy, and the flat tire we got on the way to the dock. When I asked them if they had any plans for our day at sea, they said, “To do as little as possible!” and I appreciated that.

We all got coffee, orange juice and a pastry. I ordered a salmon omelet which came with a teaspoon of hashbrowns and one sliver of a roasted tomato. The portion sizes were small, but cruise food is available 24/7 and you’re never far from a buffet.

DCIM103SPORT  IMG_1951 IMG_1986

After breakfast we walked up to the pool deck. There was an adults’ only section with a nice pool, a swim up bar, and a huge hot tub over looking the ocean. Also, there was frozen yogurt. UNLIMITED frozen yogurt. We watched so many kids fill a cone, eat a cone, and then get back in line for another.

DCIM103SPORT words-0385


The main pool had live music playing over the speakers. It was a great place to relax and chat with other cruisers. One thing I love about cruising: EVERYONE is on the exact same vacation so there are plenty of common conversation points.

We checked out the gym and the arcade. Later, we were were planning to grab something from the room, but our room attendant was cleaning it, so we slipped into the LIBRARY which was right down the hall from our room. We picked up a the daily Sudoku puzzle. I won! Not that it was a competition.

words-0390 words-0392

We had lunch in the Wind Jammer Cafe. I especially loved the salad bar and the dessert bar. The only real disappointment was the “sushi bar” which was really just a few rolls full of cream cheese and bell peppers, but there were PLENTY of other options to choose from and the menu changed daily.

After lunch, we sat out on the deck for a bit and watched the ocean. There were of chairs set up as well as shuffleboard stations!

words-0029-2 words-0030

DCIM103SPORTBy far, the best part of the afternoon was the incredible Ice Show! It was the only on-board show that required advanced reservations, so I knew it was going to be good. All of the skaters were seriously talented. They skated along to songs from the 60s, a pirate theme, and a guy rolled around in a hamster wheel. They changed costumes for every performance and they did back flips and lots of spins and ramp jumps and crazy things. It was entertaining.


We came back to the room, sat on the balcony…and Bret decided to order a pizza for room service. I mean, we hadn’t had a meal in nearly 3 hours! I added an order of cookies and an iced tea. Everything was delicious! And so free and so convenient. After we ordered room service on the TV, we flipped through a few channels and landed on Father of the Bride II. I FREAKED OUT when I learned that Bret had never seen this movie. We left the movie on in the background while we got ready for, wait for it, Formal Night!

words-Funny story about this picture, I had BRIGHT teal nail polish on, and it’s basically all I see when I look at the original version of this picture. I knew my mom would be like, “WHY ARE YOUR NAILS GREEN?!” So Bret photoshopped them! Look at my pretty pink nail polish, mom!

Our formal night dinner was good. I ordered a chilled banana and rum soup that was DELICIOUS. It tasted like…pudding? I was raving about how good the soup was and how I wanted another, and then, when I left my spoon in it, the soup bowl tipped and fell and spilled all over the table! The way the glass was designed, it was really narrow at the bottom so leaving a spoon in it – even for a second – makes it instantly top heavy.

We didn’t have the camera with us, but I ordered a similar soup another night. It was a bowl like this:


I was embarrassed, but our servers cleaned it up …and brought me another! So I got two soups after all. They covered my entire side of the tablecloth with a napkin and later made a joke about how I did a “good job” because I had less crumbs on my side of the table compared to Bret haha.

For my entrée I had shrimp ravioli with lobster sauce. Bret had lobster bisque and some steak and potatoes. Even though I was loving the ship, the gentle rocking made me feel a little seasick at this point. When I looked down at the menu, it felt like the table and I were sliding three feet ahead and then backwards. We almost skipped dessert (which tells you how bad I was feeling – I love dessert!) but staring out into the ocean helped “ground” me. This became a theme of the evening.

For dessert I had lemon meringue pie. Bret had cheesecake!

After dinner we walked toward the casino and ended up checking out all of the pictures the cruise has taken of us so far. Then we decided to have those cheesy formal pictures taken on the staircase!


While we were waiting in line to have our picture take, I started feeling seasick again, so I went and stood by the window for a few minutes. Then I felt better. Staring out into the distance helps.

We came back to the room and changed into comfy normal clothes, and then we went to the back of the ship to watch the sunset. We took a bunch of pictures!

words-0080We walked back through Johnny Rockets and I promised Bret we can get a milkshake soon, but not yet, because I was stuffed! Well. Do you know what we ended up doing within an hour?! Going to the Windjammer Buffet for dinner part II. I had a salad and a cookie and a tiny sample of the other entree that I almost ordered at dinner – crepe de gratin(?) – something like that. We realized the Windjammer offers a lot of entrees similar to the fancy sit down restaurant. I don’t remember what Bret ate, but I’m sure it included multiple servings of mashed potatoes.

After dinner part II we walked around the Promonade and down to On Air to watch some karaoke! On our way to karaoke, a guy nearly ran us over running down the stairs. He apologized and said, “My number is coming up!” and we really had a laugh when we got there because his “number” included miming the Natalie Imbruglia song. Bret can explain this better, probably, but it was really funny.

I could tell Bret was considering getting up there to sing, but I was NOT about to. I was feeling a little woozy during karaoke so we headed back to the room. Do you know what cures seasickness?! Adorable towel animals!


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