DIY: Spring Wreath

Oops I forgot to write a blogpost on Friday! I skipped my early morning writing routine because I had to be at work at 7AM, and I spent my lunch break going for walk instead of blogging. I thought about writing a quick post when I got home, but instead, Bret and I went for a walk, got some sushi, and headed downtown for Tallahassee’s Downtown Getdown event!

downtown 2 downtown getdown

This was a HUGE event in anticipation of Florida State’s spring game this weekend. We thought it was going to be just the two of us, but we ended up running into some FSU grad students and alumni which was a fun surprise. We listened to live music, checked out some food trucks and vendors, and walked around downtown.

On Saturday, we had some friends over to watch a movie. In preparation for their visit, Bret made the best vegetarian chili…

chili_0 chili_1chili_4chili_3

…and I made a  Spring Wreath!


It was REALLY easy, so I wanted to share my process.

First, I went to Michael’s and bought:

  •  Spring-colored baby yarn
  • Three sticks of flowers (60% off!)
  • A cute little baby blue bird


Everything I bought was on sale except for that cute little bird, and my total came to under $15. Actually, I had a gift card (thanks, Mom!) so, for me, it was free.

I had decided to re-purpose the Thanksgiving wreath I made in November, so I didn’t need to buy the actual wreath part. I just cut off the leaves and fall-themed ribbons. I decided to leave the twine, though. I thought it would complement the spring colors really well. It did!

This is the yarn I used. It worked perfectly. It’s the “secret ingredient” if you will.



Step 1: Yarn it up

I wrapped the yarn over the twine somewhat evenly. I still wanted some of the twine to poke through:





I thought about leaving it like this, but I added one more layer of yarn.

Step 2: Add Accent Flower & Bird

I used a wire cutter to trim some of the flowers. I poked them right into the styrofoam, and I used a stem to secure the bird:


Step 3: Add Flowers

I used the wire cutters to trim off some of the smaller flowers, and I alternated between yellow and white. Sometimes I poked the stems into the styrofoam wreath like the accent ones, but I usually just tucked them under the twine and yarn depending. I noticed that a lot of the stems were visible, so I went around with a third layer of yarn in those areas. This covered the stems and secured the flowers.




It’s so pretty. And easy. I love it.



Best of all I have TONS of left over yarn and flowers to do things like this:

yarn_extra yarn_extra3



When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to hang things from the fan. Being an adult is so much fun! (Don’t worry, mom, I’ll take it down before we turn the fan on).


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