Cake Decorating 1.3

Cupcakes, baby!

Who doesn’t love baking orange-flavored cupcakes, filling them with nutella and then decorating them with homemade icing?!

One of my favorite flavors is chocolate orange. I love those chocolate oranges you can buy, slam on the counter, and then all the little pieces! Mmm. This flavor inspired my Cake Decorating class 3 project.

This is the class I was looking forward to the most because I knew we were going to learn how to make icing flowers. Before class I made homemade icing and I baked orange cupcakes from a box because, let’s be honest, it was easier, and I didn’t have high hopes after my last cake ended up being flooded with bad icing.


IMAG2931 IMAG2927

  And off to class I went…


As usual, we practiced first using the practice board. My homemade icing hasn’t been working quite right. I think this may be because I’m using a trans-fat-free shortening option(?), but it worked well enough.




When I was prepping my bags, I forgot to put an icing tip in the nutella bag (oops!) but my instructor showed me a great work-around for this problem. I used the filling tip to poke holes in each cupcake, and then I just snipped the corner of the cake decorating bag, stuck it inside each cupcake, and injected away.


When it came time to decorate the cupcakes, we practiced twirling this little cupcake holder. You spin the cupcake as you apply icing so everything comes out pretty and even. In my case, I spin the cupcake and it ends up on the floor… of a Micheal’s shopping isle.


Our instructor insisted that we did not have to use the cupcake twirler (thank goodness!) and told us to decorate however we wanted. And this is what I ended up with:

 IMAG2954 IMAG2955


Not bad! These made a delicious accompaniment to pumpkin pie after our Thanksgiving dinner.

I had to miss class 4, but I’ll be attending the last class of the next session in January. Until then, I hope to develop and perfect some of my skills. This class definitely enhanced my comfort level with using piping bags and icing tips and I’m confident I won’t be decorating cupcakes by cutting holes in plastic bags anymore 🙂



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