Hole in the Wall

I used to practice yoga weekly. When I was a college student, it was pretty effortless to wander over to the on-campus gym for a free class. Our studio had huge glass windows overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains, and my favorite classes were early in the morning because I had the pleasure of watching the sunrise while I did sun salutations. I left every class feeling centered and energized and genuinely appreciative of the world around me.

I went to a couple yoga studios in Virginia and D.C., but I could never justify the commute or the price of the classes.

After moving to Tallahassee I was set on joining a “hole in the wall” yoga studio, but after visiting a few [and nearly passing out after my first “Hot” yoga], I decided to just practice at home on my own for free. This decision was made mostly out of laziness and, of course, in reality, practicing on my own meant doing a few poses for about 5 minutes while two cats walked around me.

Lately Bret and I have been extra health conscious, and I just felt like it was time for me to bring yoga back into my life.

I was pretty excited when I learned that my health insurance reimburses up to $150/year on yoga classes at this studio. I went to my first class last week and I loved it.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by the nicest people and within seconds of signing up, they offered a cookie. Sold.

While I waited for my class to start, I talked to some other first-timers. They were mostly college students and I thought I was, too. The vibe was really laid back and relaxed. I kicked off my flip flops and unrolled my perfect orange yoga mat (thanks, Mom!). I loved our instructor. I loved the music selection. I felt comfortable and encouraged and I just felt like I belonged there. I was able to get a really good, gentle work out. I can’t wait to go back and try a more challenging class.

If you’ve never tried yoga, I highly recommend it. They show you “resting” poses that you can go to at any time during practice if you need a break. Most places are super friendly and want to make sure that you feel comfortable.

My favorite part about this place is that they offer certified yoga instructor courses! So, if I decide to, I can get certified before I leave Tallahassee and then I can fulfill both parts of No.9 on my Rainy Day Goal List.

My other favorite part about this studio is it fits my “hole in the wall” description because it is literally a hole in the wall that opens into this beautiful lit courtyard:

Yoga_2 Yoga_1 Yoga_3

Beautiful. Invigorating. Perfect.

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