Being a Girl, By a Woman — Guest Blogger!

I’m at a point in my career where I’m actively working to establish myself as a professional. I work in a field largely dominated by [chauvinist] older men who think it’s perfectly appropriate to call me “sweetie” or speculate about my personal life or ask me to make some more coffee even though that definitely is not part of my job description. It makes me feel like I’m younger than I am. It makes me feel like “the girl who handles that” instead of the woman who is hoping to be the director of the department.

I want to be warm and approachable, but I don’t want to be talked down to. It’s a challenge. I’ve trained my speaking voice to sound deeper and more assertive. I use less exclamation points in emails. You know. I’m so grateful to have so many strong, independent female mentors in my life. At the end of the day, though, women are still paid less, respected less, and taken less seriously compared to our male counterparts.
When my incredibly talented friend and New York City blogger, Sean, asked me to write a guest post on his blog about “girls” and “women”, I felt so giddy because I’d get a chance to write about this something that occupies my daily thoughts, but I’d get to do so in a light and funny way because that’s his style.
Sean and I met in a creative writing class during our senior year of college, but we weren’t sure what to think of each other. We ended up spending the summer after graduation working together. Even though we both technically had administrative day jobs, we always ended up doing odd tasks together like driving a university truck down the quad to empty trash cans, tossing bags full of pillows and blankets down a hallway, and turning an Allen Wrench a into an insect with personality. One day while we were driving a truck to lunch and singing along with Taylor Swift, Sean decided that we needed a nickname and he decided it was Ni’Sean. Since then he’s done a million incredible things like lived in China for a year, moved to New York City, shot street photography, etc.

If you are even a LITTLE bit interested in style, decorating, photography, design, do yourself a favor and hop on over to his blog, read my post, and follow him on twitter and instagram while you’re at it.

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