Prancer Sighting in Washington, DC

I have some exciting news!!!

Today, I discovered a portal between the Arlington Cemetery metro platform and THE NORTH POLE!!! Don’t believe me? Read on.

I was riding the metro to work. Unlike the lame tourists (and sensible professionals) who take a seat or hold on to the metro rails, I have learned how to stand still in the middle of the car where I can brace my legs and balance like a surfer. I’m really proud of this new skill and brag about it frequently. Important to note: to keep my balance, upon entering a station, I usually look out the windows for a stationary point of reference instead of keeping my glance straight ahead.

Well, as we pulled into the Arlington Cemetery stop this unique perspective allowed me to zero in on something before anyone else: a huge deer was standing ON THE METRO PLATFORM. I’m not sure if this deer climbed the stairs or escalator, (or FLEW) but there he was: staring at me with all his beauty. My initial thought was, of course, the movie Prancer (one of the most depressing Christmas movies you will ever see. It’s a family favorite). Anyway, I’m certain it was Prancer and Santa Claus sent him to boost my Christmas Spirit. And it worked. I was in a happy mood all day and when a friend reminded me of one of my favorite Emerson quotations:

“A man [person] is what he [she] thinks about all day long” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

…I just thought about how lucky I was to be thinking of that reindeer all day long. Thanks, Santa!

If you’re still not convinced about my North Pole portal theory… that’s only 50% of the story.

On my commute home, about forty kids were waiting on the same Arlington Cemetery metro platform in a bunch (kind of like carolers). When the metro driver made an announcement asking these kids to use all the doors when they board, the kids just stood there. They didn’t board the train. And they smiled and waved as we drove away.

…Santa’s elves! Obviously! They were transplanted via North Pole portal to spread some happiness and it worked. DC is a magical city after all.

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