I’m in the middle of a two week Boston adventure!

Back Story:
A couple of years ago when I started looking at graduate schools, I fell in love with a tiny MFA fiction writing program at Boston University. I was obsessed and way over confident and when I was not one of the 8 people who were accepted, I was bummed, but BU sparked my interest in exploring Boston and New England.

Instead of BU, I enrolled in a grad program at my alma mater, James Madison University. I’m so glad things worked out this way. I love JMU and the town and all of the people – but I’ll save that for another blogpost. One of the best parts of sticking around was getting to spend another year with my boyfriend who was also a JMU graduate student at the time. We rented an adorable townhouse together and bled purple and gold and loved life.

Fast forward one year, and he’s the one who ended up in Boston. He got an incredible computer security job. He loves it, and it only took him about three weeks to learn Boston inside and out. But life advice: if you live with your significant other for a year and then decide to put 600 miles between you for the next, its going to be an adjustment. I’m really lucky that I have two weeks between my summer job and next semester to be with him and live Boston.

The walking city seemed a little overwhelming at first, but I’ve gotten comfortable enough here. There are so many fun touristy things to do: duck tours, museums, tiny fabulous Italian restaurants, bakeries, gelato everywhere, Fanieul Hall, Quincy Market, IMAX, Harvard, an aquarium, and swan boats rides. We went to a Red Sox game. We got to see a free performance of Othello on the Boston Common. I’m now obsessed with Whole Foods and the fact that I can walk there. Everything is walkable or public transportation-able. The whole city is old and historic and distinctly Boston.

Here are some Boston pictures that I took with my cell phone:


2 thoughts on “BOSTON

  1. Love it! Glad you’re enjoying Boston so much. Hang in there. Those 600 mile are AWFUL, but you guys are AWESOME and will make it work. I have a feeling Boston is going to steal all my friends though and I don’t care for that too much!

  2. I want to live on Friend Street… I’m positive only magical things exist on this street.

    I love all of the other pictures too, I’m guessing this was from Brent’s camera?

    I’m glad you are really enjoying your time in Boston, things have a wonderful way of working out–I can’t imagine grad school without you<3

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